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Charene Loughlin
Mental Health & Well Being Coach

Would you like to REDUCE your STRESS, FEEL CALMER and more RELAXED –Yes?

Would you like to TAKE CONTROL of your emotions such as fear and anxiety by using the power of your own mind – Yes?

Would you like to FEEL GOOD whatever is happening in your life – Yes?

Would you like to STOP negative self-talk, negative thoughts and feelings – Yes?

Would you like to BEAT ANXIETY and WORRIES – Yes?

Would you like to DEVELOP MINDFULNESS by focusing your awareness on the present moment – Yes?

Would you like to ELIMINATE your TOXIC and LIMITING BELIEFS – Yes?

life coach image Charene Loughlin
Mental Health & Well Being Coach

If you answered yes to the questions above then Charene will teach you the tools and techniques to eliminate your feelings of anxiety and feel calmer and more relaxed, quickly and easily.

“She will help you STOP your toxic mind chatter and become magnetic to your Magical life…NOW” Deirdre, Nurse

Charene will help you control your emotions such as fear, worry and anxiety by showing you how to use the power of your own mind. Feeling good no matter what is happening in your life and mastering how to manifest an amazing life with the things you’ve always wanted.          

"Since I have been attending Charene, I feel a much happier person. My friends comment that I am constantly smiling and feel fearless and totally positive and at ease with myself. Thank you very much Charene". Michael, Student

“Charene is so easy to talk to. She immediately made me feel so comfortable. I feel so much better now – I used to have panic attacks every day. I attended Charene for 4 sessions and haven’t had anxiety for the past 6 weeks.” Eileen, Secretary “Charene helped me with relaxation techniques/mindfulness. I was always nervous at interviews. I got a new job since attending Charene.” Aine, Secretary

Charene is very kind and thoughtful. She responds to my texts almost immediately. Highly recommend. I can study so much easier now" Sarah, Student

“Thank you very much Charene. I am much more confident now. I was always shy about meeting guys. I can’t believe how much more confident I feel now. I am actually getting married next year”. Pauline, Yoga Teacher

The wait is over! Begin your new life NOW
At any moment, the decision you make can change the course of your life forever'.

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Each Session will last 60 mins and investment is just €45